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Adoption Lawyer


Adoption can inspire excitement, nervousness, confusion, elation, and so many other emotions. If you’re currently childless but want to start a family, your adoption process will be different than someone who is adopting his or her own grandchildren. And theirs is different from someone who’s adopting stepchildren. But the mix of feelings is common to everyone.


At Valerie M Little Law Corporation, we understand the emotional roller coaster you may be facing. Adoption can sometimes be a long and complex process. We can take some of the hills out of that roller coaster by streamlining the process for our clients. If you’re unsure how to choose an adoption lawyer or want to better understand the adoption process, we want to help.

Types of Adoption

Before you begin filing for adoption, you need to know about the three types:

Family Adoptions: The most common are stepparent adoptions, but this category also includes adoptions by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Non-Family Adoptions: This type of adoption refers to applicants who seek to adopt children for whom there is no familial connection.

Adult Adoptions: The third type – which can involve a family or non-family connection – refers to the adoption of adults. The adoption of a former foster-care child is just one example of an adult adoption.

Before you can apply to adopt, you must have lived with the child or adult for more than 6 months. Additionally, the adopting parent(s) must be residents of BC for at least 6 months.


To start the process, you should plan on a one-time filing fee. Beyond this, the process generally occurs by desk order to avoid appearing in court. However, you must appear in court if your adoption is contested.


To start the process, you need to provide a certified copy of a live-birth registration certificate. This proves the authenticity of the adoptee and helps make the process more efficient.

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Valerie M Little has over 25 years of experience as an adoption lawyer in BC and covers all areas of family law. Trust your family’s needs with professional care by calling 604-526-3333. Make an appointment for your initial consultation today.

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