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Divorce Lawyer


Divorce is never a pleasant experience, and in fact, it is often more complex than anticipated. Fortunately, the skilled divorce lawyers at the Valerie M. Little Law Corporation can help to ease some of the burdens that accompanies divorce. Our divorce lawyers listen attentively to your situation to ascertain what rights and assets you have a legal claim to. Here are the common steps lawyers for divorce follow:


Initial Consultation. During this one-hour visit, your divorce lawyer in New Westminster will evaluate your situation and advise you on divorce proceedings by reviewing the facts and documents related to your case.

Notice of Family Claim Filing. This is the document needed to officially dissolve a marriage. It contains basic information about both spouses and must cite the grounds for divorce.

Service of Process. The person you are divorcing is “served” with the official paperwork to legalize your divorce by our own process server.

Response. The opposing party files a Response to Family Claim if the divorce is contested and may file a Counterclaim.

Conferences, Negotiation and Settlement. Lawyers will negotiate and attempt to reach an amicable settlement out of court or, if the option exists, attend a Judicial Case Conference before a judge in Supreme Court in an effort to resolve some or all of the outstanding legal issues. Your divorce attorney in New Westminster will work to secure the belongings and possessions that are most important to you.

Trial Management Conference. This meeting is to ensure your case is ready for trial.

Trial. A judge rules on all issues in dispute and renders a final decision after hearing all evidence and submissions of counsel.

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Our office is located in New Westminster, and we also serve customers from Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, and Maple Ridge. We will handle all of the paperwork and hassles that accompany divorce so that you can focus on your life. Call Valerie M. Little Law Corporation today at 604-526-3333 to get your divorce finalized in as pain-free and efficient manner as possible.

Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is centrally located in New Westminster and serves the surrounding areas of Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Cloverdale, Delta, Langley, Tri-Cities, the Lower Mainland, Squamish and Whistler.

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