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Whether you're going through a custody dispute, a divorce or a legal separation, it pays to know as much information about each topic as possible. Hiring a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer in Coquitlam is the first step to ensuring you receive proper representation, but it is also beneficial for you to learn some information on your own. Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is here to help.

Not only do we offer the counsel of a well-established divorce and legal separation lawyer in Coquitlam, we offer a variety of helpful resources. Below you'll find resources on family law legislation, legal information and calculators for spousal and child support.

Legislation Resources

Reading up on legislation regarding your case, whether it is divorce, child support or other family issues, is very beneficial to your cause. Follow the links below to learn more about legislation on different family law matters.

The Divorce Act offers interpretation on information regarding children of the marriage, support orders, applicable guidelines and more.

The objectives for these Guidelines are to establish a standard of support for children, reduce conflict between spouses, improve efficiency of the legal process and ensure consistent treatment of spouses and children.

When families decide not to live together anymore, the Family Law Act puts the safety and best interests of the children first by encouraging families to resolve disputes out of court, clarifying parental responsibilities, addressing family violence and providing a framework to determine legal parentage.

These Rules provide terms and explanations of how to proceed with family matters in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Filled with general information, instructions and worksheets, the Federal Child Support Tables are designed to help you make decisions about child support when you separate or divorce.

Legal Information

Learning about the different court systems in British Columbia can also help your case. The deeper understanding you have of your situation, the easier it will be for your separation lawyer in Coquitlam to help. Follow the links below to learn more about our court system.

As the superior trial court for British Columbia, the Supreme Court hears criminal and civil cases as well as some appeals from the Provincial Court.

The first level of trial court in British Columbia, the Provincial Court hears criminal, criminal youth, family, child protection, small claims and traffic cases.

This resource provides general information about family law in British Columbia. If you are considering changes in your family relationships, this resource can provide you with solutions.

This digital tool is designed to help you solve legal problems by providing you with free sources for cases, legislation and court rulings.

Support Calculators

If you owe or are owed spousal or child support, it's a good idea to have an understanding of the amount prior to engaging in a legal case. Use the links below to calculate how much money you owe or are owed.

By using this tool, you can calculate the amount of spousal support you owe or are owed by a former spouse.

By entering the appropriate financial information, this resource will help you determine how much child support your children are owed.

If you need guidance on which resources apply to your situation, feel free to contact Valerie M. Little Law Corporation for a consultation.

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