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Whether contested or uncontested, a divorce can be a challenging ordeal, especially if you and your spouse cannot agree on critical issues. A professional divorce mediator can help you settle your disagreements and stay out of BC courts. Valerie M. Little Law Corporation offers professional mediation services for divorcing couples and can help you and your spouse reach an amicable and fair agreement. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

How is mediation different from litigation and arbitration?

When it comes to settling legal disputes, there are three main approaches: mediation, litigation, and arbitration. Litigation involves presenting your case in court and having a judge make the final decision. Arbitration is similar. However, instead of a judge, an arbitrator listens to the evidence presented and makes a decision.

Mediation is generally a voluntary process whereby a mediator helps facilitate communication between divorcing parties. Unlike litigation or arbitration, the mediator does not impose decisions but rather helps the couple reach mutually agreeable solutions. This approach fosters cooperation and communication, and it is an ideal option for couples seeking a more amicable divorce.

What is the divorce mediation process in British Columbia?

In mediation meetings, the mediator facilitates discussions and helps the couple find common ground on significant matters, such as property distribution, maintenance, and parenting time. Once the couple reaches an agreement, the divorce lawyer drafts a written and legally binding agreement or Court Order.

Mediation can take an entire day to finally resolve all family law issues depending on the complexity of the dispute. Sometimes, the parties want to address issues one at a time and on an interim not final basis in which case the mediation sessions can be 2 to 4 hours long and be held over a number of weeks.

Process of filing an uncontested divorce in BC

To file an uncontested divorce, you must provide various documents, such as your government-issued marriage certificate, a Notice of Family Claim form, and a Registration of Divorce Proceedings form. Our family law firm can help you through this process.

Frequently asked questions about divorce mediation in BC

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about mediation.

1. What does a mediation lawyer do?

A mediation lawyer guides and advises spouses during divorce disputes. They manage and structure negotiations, establish rules for conduct and keep communication open and discussions on track. They do not control the process or impose decisions. In short, mediation lawyers promote collaboration instead of confrontation.

2. How long does mediation take in divorce?

The time required to mediate a divorce dispute varies according to the complexity of the dispute and the willingness of both parties to cooperate. Some divorces can be resolved in a single day, while others may require three to four sessions.

3. How much does mediation cost?

The cost of mediation varies depending on the mediator’s fees and the hours utilized by the mediator on your case.

4. How do you prepare for mediation?

Valerie is a qualified family law mediator in British Columbia. However, if you are going to mediation with Valerie as your family law lawyer, she will prepare you before your mediation meeting to ensure you are prepared. She will prepare a mediation brief for the mediator after speaking with you to determine your position on the outstanding issues, and she will communicate this to the mediator and the other side in the written brief. Valerie will be with you at the actual mediation, either in person or by Zoom, depending on the preference of the mediator and the parties. She will be present throughout the process to answer your questions, advise on the law, and to suggest ideas to the mediator to address the outstanding issues with the goal of finding solutions and resolutions.

Divorce mediator in New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Vancouver

If you are struggling to resolve a divorce issue with your spouse, mediation may be a helpful process. Our family lawyer can assist you throughout the mediation process.

Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is centrally located in New Westminster and serves all of Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Cloverdale, Delta, Langley, Squamish and Whistler.

To schedule your confidential appointment, call Valerie at 604-526-3333 or email her today.

She listens. She cares. She understands.

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