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Whether you are dealing with a legal matter related to divorce, a parenting order, child support or property division, Valerie M. Little Law Corporation can help. Her team is dedicated to resolving family law issues both inside and out of courtroom. She is centrally located in New Westminster and serves clients in the surrounding communities throughout the Lower Mainland. Contact her firm for an initial consultation. She is able to put her years of experience to work to help you resolve any family law issue you are currently facing.

She Will Advocate on Your Behalf

Every client is treated with fairness and respect. No matter what kind of legal issue you are dealing with, she is available to help you at every step throughout the process to ensure you have the opportunity to obtain the best result for your case. Valerie has a wide range of experience developed over her career in family law. She can assist you with the following family matters:


At Valerie M. Little Law Corporation, she understands that adoption can be a technical process. Valerie has obtained many adoption orders for her clients over the years. She has experience with step-parent adoptions, non-family adoptions and adult adoptions. She is able to handle everything from start to finish to ensure there are no inordinate delays or unwanted complications.

Parenting order and access

If you are going through a divorce or separation, your child’s safety, security and well-being are likely your primary concern. Valerie has a wealth of experience dealing with parenting orders and child support issues. She is able to obtain court orders for parenting time and contact time. She is also able to draft the necessary clauses for parenting time to resolve your parenting issues in a Separation Agreement.


Valerie knows that filing for divorce can be a difficult and exhausting procedure. Fortunately, we can help ease the burden for you by preparing all the paperwork on your behalf. Valerie and her team have your best interests at heart, and she will ensure your best case is put forward before the court.

If you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways, Valerie can guide you through the process of making difficult decisions like where to live and how to divide your family property.

Separation agreements

Are you going through a difficult divorce? If so, Valerie can help you draft a fair and comprehensive separation agreement. Our team will also ensure that issues like living arrangements, property division, child support and parenting orders are mutually resolved outside the courtroom.

Property division

Valerie can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities regarding the maintenance and division of family property and family debt following a separation or divorce. She can also help you finalize a formal property division agreement that divides your assets and debts.

Valerie will utilize her knowledge and experience to work hard to settle your family law dispute outside of court to save you time and money. However, if your case does go to court, she will tirelessly defend your rights to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Her goal is to build a trusting relationship with every one of her clients. If you need knowledgeable and practical advice from an experienced and trusted professional, call Valerie to schedule a confidential appointment.

Divorce Lawyer in New Westminster

If you are dealing with a family dispute that requires legal assistance, you can rely on Valerie M. Little Law Corporation. Valerie has decades of experience helping clients resolve their family law problems throughout Metro Vancouver. She is a trusted resource that you can rely on to assist you in navigating and resolving any legal issues you or your family may be facing. Contact her today to schedule your private consultation. Help is only a phone call away.



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No One Could Do What You Have Done

"Thank you for your services to solve my divorce case. I was struggling for a very long time and I went to many lawyers to help me. None could do what you have done for me. I am very much satisfied with your professional services."


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