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Child Support Lawyer


The law requires parents to support their children, even if one parent doesn't see or care for the children. This enables children to benefit from both parents just as they would if their parents lived together.

However, divorces are rarely as smooth and simple as parents wish them to be. In some cases, one parent refuses to make or falls behind on child support payments, which leaves the other parent struggling to make ends meet. In these cases, you need a professional child support lawyer in New Westminster to recover the funds or pursue additional legal action.

When you need it, Valerie M. Little Family Law Corporation is here to provide you with calm support and advice during these stressful circumstances.

Child Support Guidelines

Child support guidelines in New Westminster come directly from Federal Child Support Guidelines in Canada. The court determines how much a parent has to pay in child support based on tables listed in these guidelines. Typically the amount a parent earns and how many children the parent must support factors into the paid amount.

However, sometimes parents must also go above and beyond the initial amounts listed in the guidelines. Special and extraordinary expenses help cover specific costs of raising children. Some of these expenses include:

Medical and dental insurance premiums that cover the child

Post-secondary education expenses and tutoring

Health-related expenses for orthodontic treatments, counselling, glasses, etc.

Either parent can claim special or extraordinary expenses, but keep in mind that the law can change. If you need to claim special expenses, or if the other parent doesn't pay child support, you'll need to talk to a lawyer.

Expenses for activities in which the child excels

Seek Legal Help

Child support laws can seem complicated, but they don't have to be. Contact Valerie M. Little Family Law Corporation to learn more about child support laws in New Westminster. You can reach Valerie at 604-526-3333 or through our contact form.

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