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Read What Lower Mainland Clients Have Said


Valerie M. Little Law Corporation invites you to read what Lower Mainland clients have said about our legal services. If you would like to share your experience, please contact us or leave a review on our Google Business Listing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Expressing Gratitude

I would like to express my gratitude to your continuous support.


E.E. , Burnaby, BC

Hi Ms. Little

Thanks very much for the informative meeting today. I feel that I received more information in a one hour phone call with you than I have in months from my current lawyer.

E.N., Victoria

Thank you for your support! 

You made a very difficult situation less stressful and we thank you for your support.

K.T. and M.T., Port Coquitlam

Thank you for your work! 

Thank you so much for the information. We greatly appreciate all of your work.

G.A., New Westminster, BC


A little token for being such a BIG BIG help for me and my daughter. May you have many many more blessings to come.


I can’t thank enough of what you did for us. Thank you, thank you and thank you so, so much.


E & E, Bby, BC

Work Ethic!

Valerie is a woman of great intelligence and work ethic…


MV, New Westminster, BC

Thank You!

It is National Duty Counsel Day today, October 27, and I want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the 450 of you who provide duty counsel services in B.C….


Thank you for helping so many legal aid clients to exercise their rights under the law and thank you for bettering their lives on behalf of Legal Aid BC.


Michael Bryant, CEO, Legal Aid BC 

Thank You!

Thank you for your advice and consultation today.


Y.J., Coquitlam, BC

Thank You!

Thank you for your efforts on this matter. Take care.


O.D., New Westminster, BC

A Pleasure

"It was s pleasure speaking with you today as well. Thank you again for your advise and kindness."


- L.P.D., New Westminster, BC

Matter Resolved

“I’m glad you got this matter resolved. ”


- F.D., Burnaby, B.C.


“Thank you, it was a very valuable session.”


- My Best S.G., BC

Much Appreciated

“Hello thank you for being there today. Now you see why I need help to navigate this situation.”


J.N., Mission, BC

A Pleasure

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. 


A Colleague, Vancouver, B.C.


I'm absolutely Elated.    ❤️❤️


W.R., Port Coquitlam, BC

Thank you

I appreciate your help in getting this matter resolved quickly and easily.


W.H., Burnaby, BC

Thank you so much!

It was a pleasure meeting you as well.


Thanks again, you helped made the process far less stressful!


C.J., New Westminster, BC

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, the office staff and families! Thanks for all your services, Valerie.


I can not express how happy we are! 


You are amazing!


M. K.  Prince George, B.C.

Thank you so much! 

Dear Valerie,


Thank you for much for being so patient with us and securing our baby’s future.


You have made the lawyer experience far less scary than anticipated and your cunning tactics enables us to settle without going to court. I know you could have gotten us much more but we appreciated your understanding in our need for speed.


Job well done as you got everything we asked for.


T.G.D., Surrey, BC

Outstanding Family Lawyer

“Valerie is an outstanding family lawyer who listened, cared and fought for my rights as a single father. She knows all aspects of family law which she utilized during the court case. Valerie was organized, calculating and logical when preparing for my court hearings. She was calm yet assertive during my court proceedings. I would highly recommend Valerie as the lawyer to handle cases that involve any family issues and the law.”


- L.F.

Thank You for Your Time and Help

“Sounds good Atty. Valerie! Thank you very much for your time and help.”


- H.P., Coquitlam, BC

Thank You

“Thank you for today. I was happy you were with me.”


Yours truly,

- J.T., Vancouver, BC

I really appreciate your help

You have been wonderful to work with in all the years we have known each other.  This has been a very stressful time.  Thank you so much.


M.I., Surrey, BC

Thank You!

I will never be able to thank you enough.

H.N., Fraser Valley, BC

Thank You!

Thank you so much for everything you have done to keep us safe.

J.N., Mission, BC

Thank You!

Thank you for your email and all your help in this matter.


The order looks great. Thank you again.


H.A., Coquitlam, BC

Thank You For Your Guidance

Thank you for your help and guidance regarding this matter.


Very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
D.P., Vancouver Island

Thanks for Your Hardwork

“Thanks for the update, and thanks for all of your hard work this week and previously.”


- T.S., Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the information.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday and giving me all that information. ”


- M.D., Surrery, BC

Thank You!

“Thank you so much Valerie 😊”

- J.T., Langley, BC

Thank You for Your Help

“Thank you for your email and the help you provided in our initial call.”


- K.R., Burnaby, BC

The Right Choice

"It was s pleasure speaking with you today as well. Thank you again for your advise and kindness."


- G.G., Squamish, BC

Thank you Valerie!

I had gone over the work done in the claim that you have wonderfully put together and it is truly amazing. The work that you have done is better than anything that I would have gotten from anyone.

Thank you Valerie. It is my honour and privilege to work with you and Donna.

- M.D., Surrey, BC

I Think I Love You! 

“I think I love you lol thanks Valerie”


- G.G. , Squamish, BC

A Pleasure to Deal With

“Over the years I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers and dealt with several on both personal and professional matters. I consulted with Valerie on a family matter. She is competent professional and a pleasure to deal with.” 


- P.D., Comox, BC

Forever Grateful.

“Thank you very much for taking my case. I am forever grateful. Regards


- H.P., Coquitlam, BC

Thank you

"Thank you for the signed document! I am glad to have this chapter end and move on with my life. Thank you for your time and help in this matter."

-C.G., Langley, BC

Thank you! 

I want to thank you so so much for agreeing to help me out if it were necessary.


A Colleague, New Westminster, BC

With Gratitude

I just wanted to send a final note of thanks. I am so glad that you and I were able to connect.


The assurance you have provided goes beyond your legal advice.


Our best wishes go to you and yours for a safe and Happy (and relaxing) Holiday.


With gratitude,

S.G., Vancouver Island, BC

I Want to Thank You

“I want to thank you for what we were able to accomplish in 2016 with respect to my custody order. My daughter is thriving.”


- H.J., Squamish, BC


“It was wonderful to meet you the other day. Thank you for agreeing to take my case! I am grateful. ”


- M.D., North Vancouver, BC

Thank you

Thanks very much for getting back to me on this, I appreciate it!

- A.L. Terrace, BC


Perfect thanks Valerie I appreciate it.

- J.H., Surrey, BC


“I was impressed how quickly Val jumped into action, Her advice was clear and crisp. She did not sugar coat anything and she was, to me, a good listener. Absolutely would say to all: choose Val Little she will do the job you need done.”


- B.D., Gold River, BC

Dear Valerie:

“Thank-you for a job well done. I hope your practice goes well and that you continue to battle hard for those less fortunate than ourselves. ”

- I.D., Vancouver, BC

Really Appreciate

“Thank you for your advice and time Valerie….I really appreciate it😊”


- B.J., New Westminster, BC

I Am Very Happy

“Thank you again for your help these last days. I am very happy you had my back.”


- J.M., Port Coquitlam, BC


"You did a wonderful job as my lawyer.

And I really appreciated how you went “above and beyond” the call of duty by being so supportive.

There were a few times when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it through this; and it seemed like when I was at my lowest you would take a few minutes and say just the perfect words – you were kind, sincere and empathetic and gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going.

My son and I will never forget how you helped us. We are starting a wonderful new life – thanks to your help.

I’ve told everyone at work about you and given a few people your number.

Thank you for everything."


- Sharon, Lower Mainland

Professional and Caring

“I am very grateful for the care and expertise she has provided for my family. She is very professional and caring. She can see people for who they are and will fight for the best interest of the child and/or family. She is very knowledgeable and has worked in the courts for many years, so she knows what the best avenue is to take. Thank you Valerie.”


Yours truly,

- R.D., Surrey, BC

Highly Supportive

“Thank you for all your support and guidance, this process is harder than it seems.”


Yours truly,

- GLC, Vancouver, BC

Job Well Done

“Thanks for the great job on getting guardianship of our grandsons. They are so happy and are doing well in school.”


- VG, New Westminster, BC

Thank You

“I’d like to thank you for everything you did yesterday. Have a great day and thank you so much.”


- D.C., Burnaby, BC

Thank You Very Much

“Thank you for your patience and constant support.”

- GLC, Vancouver, BC

Felt Very Comfortable

“I do appreciate the legal advice you gave me and I felt comfortable dealing with you.”



- M.A., Coquitlam, BC

Highly Recommended

“Thank you, Valerie for ensuring that my child will come.


Valerie was recommended by a trusted friend who she helped through a difficult divorce. Almost immediately, Valerie closed all the loopholes in my previous Order that my former lawyer left and paved the way for a new one that protects my child’s best interests physically, emotionally and financially. After years of battling with my ex, Valerie’s perseverance finally paid off with a searing cross-examine where the father of my child showed his true colours. The Judge saw the truth and awarded me primary care and residence of our child and stated in no uncertain terms that he cannot unilaterally reduce child support based on his own needs.


Valerie’s tenacity and dedication to helping families like mine is worth every penny. If you need a strong, experienced lawyer who will fight for you, give Valerie a call. You won’t regret it.


I also want to mention that her long-time assistant is amazing! Donna is caring, considerate and kind. She always returns calls and messages promptly.”


- C.Anon

Thank You!

“Hi Valerie, Thank you for your efforts today.”


- OL, Delta, BC

Appreciate Your Hard Work

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work. It’s greatly appreciated.”


- DS, New Westminster, BC

Sincere Thank You

“My sincere thanks to you for having taken my divorce issue.”


- DS, Burnaby, BC

Grateful for Help and Advice

“I’m grateful for the help and advice you’ve given along the way. All the very best.”


- DS, Vancouver Island, BC

Great Guidance Offered

“Thank you for your guidance to bring my spouse to the table and start to resolve matters.”


- LP, Coquitlam, BC

Thank You for Your Assistance

“Thank you for your kind assistance with my case.”


Warm regards,

- KE, Coquitlam, BC

Wishing You the Best

“It has been a great privilege working with you.


I will be retiring in the near future.


I wish you all the best.”


- P.C. – A Colleague

Thank You for Your Care

“Donna: We wish you many years more of blessings, joy and health. Thank you for your care, warm welcoming, and so much comfort. Thank you for being beside us in low times.”


- CR -Vancouver, BC

Best Legal Move I Could Have Made

“I first heard of Valerie Little from a family member whom she had just finished representing, MS. Little had managed to stop an unfair reapportionment of assets when it looked like it was a forgone conclusion. I was already involved in a complicated and vicious divorce with ineffective council, so I decided to give her a chance. It turned out to be the best legal move I could have made. Six years and every level of legal wrangling, from dealing with Masters right up to the Supreme Court, she fought all the way and thanks to Ms Little, I too was saved from an unfair reapportionment of assets. So if you need a lawyer who is smart and dedicated, then you definitely need Ms Little.”


- M.A.J. - Abbotsford, BC

Thank You for Your Guidance

“I went through the phone book and found Valerie Little. Read her insert, and her 20 years’ experience caught my eye. We set an appointment and Valerie was very quick in grasping our dilemma. She took charge and collected information that was needed and set the wheels in motion with our concerns in mind. Very professional in the courtroom and her finesse and foresight was instrumental, bringing the impact of Canadian Law to the person my daughter was separated from. We are moving forward with confidence and as a team, and justice for my daughter and grandson will prevail. Thank you so much, Valerie, for the guidance and professionalism you have displayed. We are forever grateful.”


- MW, Maple Ridge, BC

Brilliant and Caring

“I think you are one of the most brilliant and caring people I have ever met.”


- DO, Richmond, BC

I Appreciate Your Help

“Thank you very much. And thank you for all your help over the years.”


All the best,

- SD, Vancouver, BC

Caring and Professional

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to take on my case. Donna has been very professional, caring and sweet during the times I've spoken to her. Best regards.”


- BY, New Westminster, BC

Extensive Knowledge of Family Law

“When I met Ms. Little, I was in extreme stress. As soon as I explained what was happening in my life, she knew immediately what to do for me and my child, and she obtained the necessary court orders to protect our safety and secure us financially. I am so pleased with the way she has managed everything. Her knowledge of family law is extensive. She made me feel secure during every step of the process. She has shown patience, care and passion in securing the future safety and financial security of my family. Thank you so much.”


- AR, Surrey, BC

Skilled Professional and Zealous Advocate for Children

“Valerie Little represented me through the intricacies of my difficult divorce and continues to guide me through ongoing parenting-time issues. She is a skilled professional and zealous advocate for children. Her vast knowledge of family law is as impressive as is her calming presence during stressful courtroom appearances.


Her professionalism and commitment in steadfastly shielding our family from my uncooperative and unrelenting ex-spouse are appreciated more than words can say, and I will be forever grateful for all she has done and continues to do for my child and myself.


She demonstrates integrity, dedication, kindness, patience and compassion. I have total confidence in her abilities as an attorney and highly recommend Ms. Little to anyone seeking representation for a legal matter. Her expertise and professionalism are unparalleled.”


- MD, Coquitlam, BC

Perceptive, Intelligent and Well Versed In Law

“My ex told me he was filing for divorce immediately with a Vancouver lawyer. I had an introductory meeting with a Port Moody lawyer, but I was not impressed by his presentation. He told me the one person he wouldn’t want to come up against in divorce court was Valerie Little, that she was a bulldog. Naturally, I called Valerie Little’s office and was given an introductory appointment for the next day.


I found Ms. Little to be very perceptive, intelligent and well versed in law. She quickly grasped the situation that I was in and gave me some options as to how to proceed, as well as informing me of the pros and cons of each option. She has many years of experience in family law and in mediation, and is very knowledgeable about legal proceedings. I found her advice to be sound, considerate and well thought out.


Once I made the decision to go ahead with the divorce under her care, she very quickly filed the necessary paperwork and prepared my case for the first hearing in court.


My ex refused to leave the family home or pay spousal / child support, and threatened to take sole custody of our child. After the first hearing, Ms. Little was able to get myself and my child back into the family home, get spousal and child support and enabled me to keep my child with me, except on alternate weekends.


If it had not been for Ms. Little’s excellent representation, the outcome of this hearing could have been very different. And despite repeated litigation by my ex, two years later, the initial orders of the court still stand, thanks to Ms. Little’s strategic thinking and strong defence of my position.


I have always found Ms. Little to be extremely caring and sympathetic. She returns my calls and responds to my emails very promptly. She and her staff are courteous and pleasant. She has had the same assistant for the past two years.


I am very relieved that I did not have time to find another lawyer. Ms. Little has been very supportive of me and my child during this difficult time and is a truly outstanding lawyer to have fighting in your corner. I would highly recommend Ms. Little.”


- MJ, Port Moody, BC

Thank You

“Thank you very much. There are no words…you do what you do so well.”


Always grateful,

- BE, Surrey, BC

Appreciate the Good Work

“Thank you a million times over. I appreciate you.”


Yours truly, 

- C.L., Tri-Cities, BC

Very Knowledgeable and Personable Lawyer

“Valerie is a very knowledgeable and personable lawyer. I highly recommend her. ”

Yours truly, 

- M.S., North Vancouver, A Colleague

Responsive and Helpful

“Thank you for how responsive and helpful you’ve been – I really do appreciate it. "

Best regards,

- C.J. Coquitlam, BC

Thank You

"Thank you for your time and care."


-ML, Coquitlam, BC

Very Professional

“I am writing to express my gratitude to you for the great care you are giving my daughter and as a result my granddaughter. You have been professional, but caring and you get what the opposing party is like and what he’s up to. My daughter knows she is being heard. Thank you does not seem adequate but please accept my thanks and gratitude.”


Yours truly,

- R.D., Surrey, BC

Simply Exceptional

“I was recommended to call Valerie M. Little Law Corporation through word of mouth. Now, I recommend them for their experience and attention to detail. Valerie and her team did an exceptional job, and we reached our desired outcome in a very timely manner. I can recognize that Valerie’s knowledge and specialized skills were exactly what was needed during this difficult family law matter. I am truly happy and grateful for the work Valerie M. Little Law Corporation has done for me. Thank you Valerie!”


- WIN, Surrey, BC

Truly Grateful

“Thank you for all of your support and assistance. I am truly grateful.”


- DK, New Westminster, BC

Very Kind

“Thx so much for all your kindness and thoughtfulness. Pls send my regards to Dana.”


- TS, North Vancouver, BC

Very Professional

“I was grateful For Valerie and her assistant in finalizing my divorce.


Valerie was on it for sure. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She was able to negotiate thru a mediator avoiding a lengthy and expensive trial.


I would definitely recommend Valerie Little.”


- H.J., New Westminster, BC

Very Helpful

“Thank you so much for your assistance with drafting the Final Order for me.


I have retired now, and I am enjoying spending more time doing the things I enjoy.

Thanks again.”


- BDA, Langley, BC

Thanks for Your Help

“I have been meaning to send you this email for quite some time now, but life gets in the way. I just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting me divorced! All is great now, and I wanted to say thanks for your help.”


- G.K., New Westminster, BC

Thank You for Everything

“Thank you for everything that you’ve been to provide our daughter with a stable future. We hope you have a relaxing Christmas and rewarding New Year!

Take Care! All the Best!”


- C.S., New Westminster, BC

Quick and Flexible Service 

“I want to thank you both for your help thus far and for assisting me on such short notice.”

-       DT, Ontario

Thank You

“We received tonight the Court Order. Take care and good luck. You are amazing.”


Truly yours forever,

- RF, Coquitlam, BC

Thankful for Years of Assistance

“Thank you for all you have done for so many years.”

With gratitude,

- C.F., Coquitlam, BC

Very Informative Meeting

“Thank you, Valerie, for meeting with me. It was very informative.”


- YY, New Westminster, BC

Confident, Experienced & Approachable

“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Valerie for the support, understanding and excellent legal guidance that she provided to me throughout my separation process. I was freshly separated and completely confused and emotional when I walked into her office, looking for a lawyer that I would feel comfortable with and one that I felt understood the complexities of separating from my narcissistic ex. I knew very quickly that Valerie was that person, and I feel very fortunate to have her to represent me. Valerie always shows me that she has my and my children's best interests at heart. I am able to contact her for any issue that is important to me, and she (or her efficient and friendly office assistant Donna) takes the time to respond in a timely manner. I am also impressed by her years of experience and her confidence in her abilities; when I told her my ex's lawyer was an expensive lawyer from Vancouver she put me right at ease by saying it wasn't an issue who his lawyer was and then went right back to work to get the issues at hand dealt with.

I would recommend her highly.”


Thank you, Valerie.

- D.K., New Westminster, BC

The Best

“Valerie, you are the best.”


- MJ, Abbotsford, BC

Thank You for Your Brilliance

“Thanks again for your brilliance last week.”

- LJ, New Westminster, BC

Grateful for People like You

“Simply grateful for people like you who don’t see impossibilities to help people in need. Thank you.”

- PI, Surrey, BC

Handling My Case with Ease

“Just felt the need to thank you both for yesterday. You have such a lovely disposition. Donna and somehow are able to make me feel less stressed when I arrive! I am also impressed with Valerie! What a difference from my old lawyer. I truly feel that now the issues at hand will finally be dealt with properly. It is a good feeling. I somehow feel protected now and for that I thank you. You are a great team!”


- MA, Maple Ridge, BC

Million Thanks Is Not Enough

“My ex-husband was in USA NYC. I was in Burnaby with my son only 2 years old at that time. I went to several lawyers about how I can divorce my husband. But all lawyers told me I have to go to NYC with someone to serve him. I did not have anybody to go with. I found Valerie on a Japanese community website. She said she has a connection to NYC so she can help me out to do all the divorce process. I did not know what do I need for sole custody, and she would just explain to me what I need for the future and step by step helped me to get through the whole process. She was so kind and genuine and honest. Understand our feeling who is going to be a single mom. I would totally rely on her, and everything went so nicely and perfectly. I will definitely recommend her to everyone I know and more people who need help. She does work very hard and knows what she needs to do everything. Very proud woman for me. I feel only grateful and thankful for everything she did for me. Thank you so much Valerie. Million thanks are not enough!”


- KK, Burnaby, BC


“Thank you so much. Just when I thought there was nowhere to turn, I found Valerie. Her ability to sift through a mess and find what’s important was remarkable. Valerie was professional, and her knowledge was impressive. A shout out to Donna, Valerie’s assistant. Donna was always approachable and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you again for all the help. Cheers!”


- KM, Surrey, BC

Couldn’t Ask for Better

“You’re a rock star!”


- SL, Richmond, BC

Family Law Expert

“I want to thank you for contacting me to retrieve my file now that all matters have been finalized. Since our last meeting, our world has been wonderful, and my daughter is growing up and is truly a wonderful young woman. Thank you again for everything. Your expertise has allowed us to move forward and enjoy life again. Hooray!”


- WC, New Westminster, BC

Helped Get My Children Back

“Thank you so much for your help. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me get my children back.”


- SA, Alberta

I Can Now Get On With My Life

“I never thought my mess would get sorted out. I finally can now get on with my life, thanks to you. I am so thankful for all of your extreme hard work. You are a wonderful lawyer and great lady, too.”


- WL, Surrey, BC

There Is No One Else I Would Have Represent Me

“Thank you so much for everything. The last minute work you did for me was invaluable and highly appreciated. If we needed to go to court, there is no one else I would have represent me. You and your assistant are worth your weight in gold.”


- HV, New Westminster, BC

Your Hard Work Was Appreciated

“Many thanks to you and your staff for all of your hard work during my recent litigation.”


- MR, North Vancouver, BC

Thank You

“My family is at peace. So every day I thank God for you. Think of you often.”


- GL, Abbotsford, BC

Valerie Helped Me through My Real Estate Sale

“I recently sold my house and contacted Valerie to see the deal through. Although it seemed like an easy task, it turned out to be anything but, and thanks to Valerie and her team, the sale progressed through many unforeseen obstacles. My only job was to sign a few documents and in the end, pocket more money than I originally expected!


If you find yourself in need of legal advice, I would wholeheartedly recommend the office of Valerie M Little Family Law.”


- MM, Victoria, BC

Ms. Little Turned Around My Stalled Legal Case

“Ms. Little represented me in a complex family matter. Her experience, communication skills and intelligence turned around a stalled legal case. Ms. Little was able to identify the basic elements of my case where movement could happen. Her up-to-date, effective and kind practice of law was a real benefit to our family. I highly recommend Ms. Little as a knowledgeable lawyer who will represent you fully and fairly.”


- BJS, Vancouver, BC

Thank You

“Hello Valerie,


Thank you for all the work you have done on my case so far.”

- NE, Burnaby, BC

Gave 5-Star Rating

“Hi Valerie,


"It was good meeting with you. Btw, I gave you a 5-star rating on Google. "


- J.L., Burnaby, BC

Great Service

“Hi Valerie,


"You’ve done me a great job and a great service.  I will definitely recommend you."


- G.G., Chilliwack, BC


“Thank you re: the sense of urgency with this. Thank you for all your attention to my file.”


Yours truly,

- F.J., Burnaby, BC

Very Helpful

“I appreciate everything you have done, it has been handled in a very professional manner and you were able to assist me a lot in a difficult time.”


- CA, New Westminster, BC

Very Grateful for the Support

“Thank you so much for that.

It was really a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I couldn't be more grateful for the valuable points you have raised.”


- LY, New Westminster, BC

Knowledgeable and Professional

“I would like to write a review on my experience with Valerie. It’s difficult to speak about her without using a bunch of superlatives. I found her to be compassionate, extremely knowledgeable & probably the best lawyer I’ve been in contact with. I wish she could be my full-time attorney but unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Thank you Valerie! You helped me more than you’ll ever know.”



- C.S., West Vancouver, BC

Highly Recommended

“First of all, thank you for the consultation. I appreciate greatly your advice and time spent with me even outside your schedule.”


Yours truly,

- D.O., New Westminster, BC

Pleasure working with You

“It was a pleasure working with you.”


- LG, Vancouver, BC

Thank You so Much

“Thank you so much. Wishing you and your family continued good health and happiness.”


- Y.S., Vancouver, BC

Incredibly Helpful

“Valerie has been fantastic from start to finish. Patient, kind, understanding and incredibly helpful. She took the time to explain everything to me and ensured I had all information I needed. Definitely recommend for anything related to family law!”


- M.N., New Westminster, B.C.

Calm and Cool

“How do you remain so "calm" it's amazing, it really is, when someone is going nuts on the other end of the phone, you remain so calm & talk so nice. Wow, you're a very amazing lady.”


- H.B., Coquitlam, BC

Thank You so Much

“Thank you very much for your time and help. Very much appreciated.”


- RJ, Burnaby, BC

Holiday Cheer

“We really appreciate your help!!

Merry Christmas!!”


- OI, Burnaby, BC

Thankful for Justice

“Thank you for helping to make justice work.”


- BM, Vancouver, BC

Very Down to Earth

“Ms. Little is a very down to earth, logical lawyer. She is a straight shooter, has many years of experience and tremendous insight into human behavior. She gave me excellent candid advice and was approachable. She knew when to play nice and when to push a little more. And she was fair if I wanted to do something that was beyond her advice. She knows how the system works and has been in the same community for many years. When dealing with something where emotions run high, such as a divorce, it’s good to have an experienced, pragmatic realist in your corner. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Ms. Little and her team.”


- DZ, Port Moody, BC

Grateful for Your Hard Work

“Once again, thank you for all of your hard work. We also know there is a long way to go. With your knowledge and expertise and our child's counselling, we are beginning to see our child return to us. There is joy and fun in her life again. Cheers.”


- ES, Whistler, BC

Brilliant, Sensitive and Understanding

“Our family has recently experienced the most stressful event of our lives. We turned to Valerie Little for help. Valerie has been critical in keeping our family unit together. Her skills and experience in the courtroom are extraordinary. Not only is she a brilliant lawyer, she is sensitive and understanding. We have the greatest respect and admiration for her. Putting our trust in Valerie has helped to relieve our anxiety and give us hope for a happy future together. We would recommend Valerie without hesitation. Many thanks to you Valerie!”


- LJ, New Westminster, BC

Thank You for Your Assistance

“Thank you again for your kind assistance to Richard.”


Best regards,

- AS, A Colleague

Thank You

“Thank you very much for your assistance.”


- ML, Vancouver, BC

Thank You

“Thank you so much for your help. What a difference! I really appreciate it, and I’m so very glad to have found you. Just wish it had been sooner.”


Warmest Regards,

- CM, Vancouver, BC

Steadfast During the Storm

“I was recommended Valerie from two friends. My informal separation agreement between my spouse and I had gone sideways, and all chaos had erupted. Once given the details, Valerie knew exactly what type of person I was dealing with and knew the next move before it was made. Her confidence and experience made me comfortable to trust her fully with my case. This allowed me to focus my attention where it was needed - my children and work and my own mental health. Valerie and Donna were very patient with my roller coaster of emotions and they always put me at ease. Knowing someone was on my side with such skill and understanding was very comforting. I was very blessed to be supported by Valerie and Donna - thank you so much for making a very bad situation well managed.”


- HL, New Westminster, BC

Sage Advice

“Thank you for your very sage advice and generous offer to go in and read my response in court for me. I could not have been so calm without having spoken to you first! Thanks again!”


- LA, Surrey, BC

Thank you!

“Thank you so much for all of your help!”



- K, H-M, Burnaby, BC

Excellent Service

“Valerie gets the job done. Thank you so much, Valerie!”


- BJ, Vancouver, BC

Job Well Done

“Thank you so much for being so patient with us and for securing our baby's future. You have made the lawyer experience far less scary than anticipated, and your cunning tactics enabled us to settle without going to court. I know you could have gotten us much more, but we appreciate your understanding in our need for speed. Job well done as you have gotten us everything we asked for.”


- DG, Surrey, BC

Reliable and Supportive

“Ms. Valerie Little represented me during an arduous family law action which involved spousal separation and access to a child. Ms. Little was very reliable and supportive; her thorough direction, legal knowledge and ethical standards are the best that I have experienced in family law.


In chambers, it was evident that her professional conduct was favourably acknowledged and appreciated by the court’s Masters and Justices.


Considering Ms. Little’s immediate capacity to absorb and push forward with the volume of my file, I must strongly recommend her services as a lawyer or family mediator.”


- BH, Vancouver, BC

Valerie Helped Me through One of the Greatest Challenges in My Life

“I can tell you that going through my marital issues was one of my greatest challenges that I faced in my lifetime; going to see marriage counsellors, marriage workshops and trying to make the relationship work.


But alas, when the marriage is not salvageable, and your spouse is represented by an adversarial lawyer, you are forced to choose someone to represent your best interests. I chose Valerie Little because I knew that she was experienced and that she had a good reputation amongst her peers.


During this difficult journey to divorce, Valerie was very supportive and gave me sage advice. She outlined my options, the very things that I needed the most. In the end, I obtained my divorce and Valerie negotiated a fair settlement for myself and my former spouse. Should any of my friends ever need a divorce lawyer, I would not hesitate to recommend Valerie to them.”


- LH, Vancouver, BC

Thank You

“Thank you for my most treasured gift: my son. Thank you for your help.”


- EJ, Coquitlam, BC

You’ve Given Me A Lot of Assurance

“I wanted to thank you for all of the work that you’ve done on mine and my son’s behalf. Your commitment to the work that you do has given me a lot of assurance during this difficult time.”


- FD, Port Moody, BC

Our Deepest Thanks

“Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my son. We owe you our deepest thanks.”


- TC, Surrey, BC

Deeply Appreciative

“I want to tell you that I am deeply appreciative of all the time that you have so generously invested in the lives of my children and I. You are an amazing lawyer. I highly recommend you to others. I can’t imagine having any other lawyer.”


- NT, Surrey, BC

Thank You

“Thank you, as always, for the help you provided -- first with the divorce and then with the follow-up.”


- SD, Vancouver Island, BC

Thank You for Your Good Work

“Thank you a million times over. I appreciate you. ”

Yours truly,

- CL, Coquitlam, BC 

Thank You

 "Thank you so much. I feel so much stress has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you again Valerie. You truly are a blessing to me."


- A.A., Maple Ridge, BC

Thank You

Thank You

"I recently I had the privilege of getting advise from Valerie Little, and I must say. her service was nothing short of exceptional. Front the moment I reached out for assistance. she exhibited a remarkable Ievel of professionalism. compassion. and empathy


Valerie took the time to thoroughly explain every aspect of my case. ensuring that I understood my rights and options clearly. Her attention to de1aiI and dedication to providing comprehensive explanations truly set her apart. I felt supported and reassured throughout the entire process, thanks to leer expertise and commitment to her clients.


Valerie demonstrated genuine compassion and empathy towards my situation, which made a significant difference in my experience. She listened attentively, showed understanding, and offered practical advice with a caring approach. It was evident that she genuinely cared about helping me navigate through my legal issues.


I and incredibly grateful for Valerie's assistance and guidance during a challenging time. I highly recommend Valerie to anyone in need of legal assistance, as her dedication to their clients and exceptional service truly make her stand out."


- F.C., North Vancouver, BC

Thank You

"I appreciate all your hard work, insight and professionalism in your efforts to assist me thus far."


-T.S., North Vancouver, BC

 "Our paths crossed today and I thank you for the amazing counsel you gave today.  You definitely lit my fire again! Have a wonderful day."


- M.G., Maple Ridge, B.C.

Thank You

"It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.  The meeting was very helpful and illuminating."


-S. M., Burnaby, B.C.

Thank You

"Thanks for your help yesterday, appreciate it!"


-E.B., Burnaby, B.C.

Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is centrally located in New Westminster and serves the surrounding areas of Burnaby,  Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Cloverdale, Delta, Langley, Tri-Cities, the Lower Mainland, Squamish and Whistler.

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