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A family lawyer can guide and represent you in all the legal matters that hit closest to home. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, a child custody case or adoption, you want to have a legal professional at your side who can guide you through these matters and deliver the best outcome for you and your loved ones.

At Valerie M. Little Law Corporation, we have over 25 years of experience resolving family issues. For reliable legal advice, experienced representation in the court room or a professionally drafted family law agreement, contact our trusted family law lawyer.

Our qualified team offers you a full range of family law services. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

Divorce: Going through a divorce is rarely pleasant. In addition to the emotional stress involved, there is the difficulty of navigating a complex legal landscape. Fortunately, our skilled divorce lawyer can help ease this burden by guiding you through the divorce process and ensuring that your goals are accomplished.

Child custody: When you are faced with a divorce or separation, nothing is more important than the well-being of your children. With over 25 years of experience, our child custody attorney will help you take the right steps to ensure that your children are given the best outcome possible and are emotionally and financially cared for.

Child support: The law requires that parents pay child support based on specific federal guidelines also called child support tables. There is a specific table for each province or territory of Canada. However, sometimes additional support is required that is related to child care, medical expenses, educational costs and extra-curricular activities. If you need to ask for special expenses or if the other parent is not meeting his or her child support obligations, turn to our experienced child support lawyer for help.

Adoption: The adoption process can be complex. It involves specific laws and regulations. Because any Adoption Order is a Final Order, the Court is very particular in ensuring the proper paperwork has been submitted, and the proper processes have been followed. Whether you are starting a family with your spouse or have chosen to adopt your stepchild or grandchild, our child adoption lawyer can help you through the legal system so your stress is minimized and the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Legal separation: If you and your spouse have decided to separate, our legal separation lawyer can help you identify and resolve all the important outstanding matters, including guardianship, residency, parenting time, parenting responsibilities, access, child support, spousal support and division of assets and debts.

Separation agreement: Separations are never easy, but a separation agreement can help you and your spouse move forward with minimal stress. This is a quicker and more affordable way of hashing out the details of separation than going to court. Our separation agreement lawyer can help you make a legally valid separation agreement that covers all or some of the outstanding issues.

Contact Our Family Lawyer Serving Port Moody and the Lower Mainland

Do you need a dependable family lawyer? Then count on the skilled team at Valerie M. Little Law Corporation for high calibre and experienced legal representation. Conveniently located in New Westminster between two SkyTrain stations, her office is easy to access for anyone living in Port Moody and the surrounding areas of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge. To learn more about our family law services or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today.



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Very Down to Earth

"Ms. Little is a very down to earth, logical lawyer. She is a straight shooter, has many years of experience and tremendous insight into human behavior. She gave me excellent candid advice and was approachable. She knew when to play nice and when to push a little more. And she was fair if I wanted to do something that was beyond her advice. She knows how the system works and has been in the same community for many years. When dealing with something where emotions run high, such as a divorce, it’s good to have an experienced, pragmatic realist in your corner. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Ms. Little and her team."


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