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Divorce and family law litigation can be profoundly stressful and emotional—even more so if you are representing yourself. It’s not easy to navigate the court process and rules of procedure on your own at the same time as learning the law on the issues in your family law case. How can you be sure of the correct process, rules and the law while you are in the eye of the storm?


On offer at Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is the service of family law litigation and divorce litigation consulting. This service allows you to meet with a lawyer and ask questions about process, procedure and the law at any step of your court case if you are self-represented. If you have legal questions, need advice or want to improve your legal strategy, you can access unbundled litigation consulting services to help you with specific aspects of your family law case that you do not have the time or energy or resources to research and learn on your own.


Who is family law and divorce consulting for?

Family law and divorce consulting is for anyone who is self-represented. You may be self-representing because you can not afford to hire a lawyer, because you do not want to commit to a retainer or because you prefer to handle things yourself. Traditional full-service legal representation may be unnecessary given your specific case and your understanding of the law.


How does family law and divorce consulting work?

A family law litigation consultant can help any DIY litigant by providing behind the scenes advice and support. A litigation consultant does not represent you in Court. Instead, they provide legal advice and assistance outside of court with discrete legal tasks as needed. 


A family lawyer who offers this unbundled service of litigation consulting works on and charges you only for the specific tasks that you both agree on in advance. Your lawyer will handle pre-determined tasks while you take care of the rest of the case. You get affordable legal advice and support when and how often you need it.


What can a divorce consultant do for you?

Family law and divorce consultants offer a wide range of unbundled legal services, including:

  • Assisting with drafting pleadings such as a Notice of Family Claim, a Counterclaim or an Order pronounced by a Judge or Master.

  • Answering your legal questions regarding BC family law (division of property, child support, spousal support, parenting arrangements, etc.)

  • Giving you guidance on the B.C. Supreme Court Rules of Court (filing deadlines, service rules, court procedure, etc.).

  • Directing you on financial disclosure issues and helping you complete your Financial Statement.

  • Uncovering new legal options and strategies.

  • Helping you make a strategic decision in your case.

  • Preparing you for a Judicial Case Conference.

  • Preparing a Notice of Application with the supporting Affidavit evidence.

  • Preparing you to attend mediation, including strategic advice and assistance preparing your mediation brief.

  • Advising you and preparing a settlement proposal.

  • Evaluating the fairness of a settlement proposal or offer to settle made by your spouse.

  • Providing you with independent legal advice on a separation agreement or a written agreement about any family law issue.

  • Providing trial advice and preparation of documents needed for trial.

Consultation with a family law litigation lawyer can also help you determine if it is time to hire a lawyer. Depending on your situation, it may be to your advantage to hand over your legal case to an experienced family law professional.


Is family law and divorce consulting right for you?

Family law and divorce consulting offers a great many benefits. It is a cost-effective way to get customized legal advice and support, only when you need it, from an experienced family lawyer. However, it is not right for every person or for every family law matter. Knowing how much you can handle during your case can help determine if unbundled litigation consultant services are right for you. Reach out to discuss if this approach is right for you and if so, to talk about what and how much legal work you want to delegate to a family law lawyer.


Make an appointment with a litigation consultant

Are you thinking about representing yourself in family law litigation? Are you already engaged in selfrepresented litigation but having doubts about your case or your current legal strategy of your effectiveness? Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is a great resource.


You can make an appointment with Ms. Little to assist you with every step along the way or only those steps where you need her expertise, advice and direction. Ms. Little has over 30 years of experience practicing family law both inside and outside of the courtroom. In that time, she has served as a litigator, a certified family law mediator and a collaborative family lawyer in British Columbia.


As a result of these experiences, she uses a variety of skills to resolve your family law issues—whatever they may be and whenever she determines the best time to utilize those skills will work to your best advantage. Your situation is unique. Your family is unique. Ms. Little is prepared to apply her expertise and individualized care to you and your family in order to assist you in resolving your family law matters. Valerie M. Little Law Corporation is centrally located in New Westminster and serves the surrounding areas of Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Cloverdale, Delta, Langley, Tri-Cities, the Lower Mainland, Squamish and Whistler. She listens, she cares and she understands. Contact her office today by phone: 604-526-3333 or complete our online Contact Us form here.

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