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divorce lawyer in Coquitlam

The cost of love and romance can be amazingly high – but if you don’t have the right representation, getting a divorce may be even costlier. Once you know that divorce is a likely choice for you and your spouse, contact a professional as soon as possible.

The process of going through a divorce is not one that you should try to navigate alone. Only a divorce lawyer can assist you in understanding the complex details involved with this process.

10 Tips for a Cheaper Divorce

Although relying on your lawyer’s expertise is a must, you can take several steps to ensure that the legal process does not cost more than it needs to. Follow these tips for achieving a cheaper divorce.

  1. Know your priorities: You may want that painting you bought during your honeymoon in Europe, but the cost of an extra hour of negotiation could be more than the painting is worth. If saving money is a concern, you might want to concede the point and let your former partner keep the artwork.

  2. Make your children your top priority: Always make your children the top priority. If you think getting divorced is difficult for you, imagine how your kids feel. You need to be there for them every step of the way, and that includes getting the most from your money by not dragging out a bitter divorce.

  3. Take advantage of free resources: Many free resources are available to families that are going through a divorce, so don’t hesitate to utilize them. A great example is the “Parenting After Separation: Finances” course made available by the Justice Education Society.

  4. Let go of the little things: No matter how much your soon-to-be-ex-spouse gets under your skin, let go of the little annoyances so that your respective divorce lawyers can get their job done. The sooner the divorce is finalized, the less money you’ll have spent on it overall.

  5. And sometimes, let go of the big things: You may also need to let go of some things that mean a great deal to you. You enjoyed the vacation home while you were married, but it could cost you a lot in mortgage payments, property taxes, and upkeep.

  6. Be willing to compromise: By showing your willingness to negotiate, you may put your former partner’s mind at ease. If you give a little in some areas, you may get back far more than you expected.

  7. Get your documents in order: Don’t spend money to have your lawyer organize your documents. Find out what documents you’ll need to produce for the divorce proceedings, and locate them yourself – for free.

  8. Get started with financial planning now. Don’t wait until you’re divorced to implement financial planning. Your financial plan may need to be modified to reflect your new marital status. Speak to a financial advisor if necessary.

  9. Consider legal separation: Divorce can be expensive, and it isn’t always the answer. Ask your divorce lawyer in Coquitlam about the possibility of mediation services and a legal separation. You may find that those options are better suited to your circumstances.

Consult a Divorce Lawyer in Coquitlam for a Cheaper Divorce

Divorce can be emotionally depleting for everyone involved. Don’t add to your stress by falling victim to some of the common financial pitfalls associated with ending a marriage. Consult a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Coquitlam for more information on getting a cheaper divorce.

Learn how to make your divorce or legal separation easier and less expensive. Schedule a consultation with Valerie M. Little Law Corporation. Reach us at or contact us online today.


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