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father and children

Maintaining a strong relationship with your children is crucial during a divorce, and this is true for all parents. With the exception of being held financially responsible, fathers sometimes feel as though their parental role is minimized throughout the divorce process.

That isn’t fair for anyone involved, especially the children. If you are contemplating a legal separation or divorce in Langley, you will need an experienced family lawyer on your side to guide you and help you avoid unnecessary strain in your relationship with children.

A Few Tips for Fathers Dealing with the Divorce Process

If you want to minimize stress as a father during your divorce – instead of simply surviving it – try these tips for success.

  • Understand that spousal support is a normal aspect of divorce: Whether you are on the paying or receiving side of spousal support, remember that spousal support is an expected part of the process. If you don’t mind paying child support but balk at the thought of paying your ex-spouse, remember that this individual is also raising your children. You don’t want your former partner to suffer financially because that is not in the best interest of your children. If you are receiving spousal support, be proud that you are doing everything you can to take good care of your children.

  • Resist the urge to compete with your spouse: Although it may be tempting to make things as difficult as possible for your spouse, doing so could actually increase the cost of your divorce. Do you really want to consume your savings out of spite? Instead of adding to your legal fees by fighting about every detail, spare yourself the aggravation. The more money you save now, the more you’ll have to spend on your children (and yourself) after the divorce.

  • Don’t use your children to hurt your former partner: Your family lawyer should certainly fight on your behalf so that you get fair visitation privileges and parenting time, but don’t hold up the court process by attempting to leverage your children just to hurt your spouse. Remember that the ultimate goal is to spend quality time with your children, so you may need to concede a few details in terms of child support and visitation privileges.

  • Know your rights: Never assume anything when you are involved in a divorce. The system is intended to treat all parties fairly. However, you must rely on your lawyer to ensure that your rights as a father are being protected.

Hire a Family Lawyer in Langley for Advice You Can Trust

Are you feeling frustrated, confused, and alone? Those are all normal emotions during a divorce. Consult an experienced family lawyer at Valerie M. Little Family Law. Valerie will provide comprehensive legal services you can trust for your divorce. She will help you navigate the process, so you never feel alone. Get the results and service you expect, and protect your rights as a father.

Make sure you are treated fairly during your divorce or legal separation. Book a private consultation with Valerie M. Little Law Corporation. Call us at


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