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family lawyer in Coquitlam

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, your first step should be talking to a professional. Getting a legal separation or a divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but an experienced family lawyer can do much to assist you.

After you schedule a consultation, you will need to take subsequent steps to prepare for your meeting. Your time and money are valuable, so make sure that you know what to bring and how to prepare for your first meeting with a family lawyer in Coquitlam.

What to Do Before Your Consultation with a Family Lawyer

Before you visit the law office, you should make a list of items to bring along to the meeting. You can also take a few other actions that will make that initial meeting more productive and efficient:

  • Think about (and research) your options: Divorce is not the answer for every couple, so do some research on the options available to you. Mediation might be suitable for you and your spouse. If you feel comfortable discussing that possibility with your spouse, you can do so before your meeting. You may also discuss a legal separation with your family lawyer.

  • Write down your questions: You probably have a lot of questions at this stage. Don’t rely on memory during your consultation. Instead, write down any questions you have as they come to you. Keep an ongoing list of questions to take with you for your first meeting with your lawyer. Don’t be afraid to ask about details that pertain to the legal services you’re considering, such as hourly rates and who will be working on the case.

  • Call the practice: Before you attend the initial consultation, ask an assistant at the legal office what items you should prepare and have available. This will save both you and your lawyer time, and it will help get the process started faster. Some of the items you will probably want to have with you include your Marriage Certificate from Vital Statistics, your Title Certificate to any property you own, your most recent tax returns, bank account statements, and investment account statements.

  • Prepare a quick summary of your family history: By preparing a summary of your family history now, you will save time during your first meeting. Include details such as how many children you have (and list their names and ages), the date you were married, and the reasons you are considering divorce.

Be Prepared for Your First Meeting with a Family Lawyer

The decision to get a divorce involves many factors, but a knowledgeable professional will be there to guide you. Be as prepared as you can for your first meeting with a family lawyer in Coquitlam. The team at Valerie M. Little Family Law is here to assist you. We are happy to answer your questions, and we want to make the process of divorce or legal separation easier. We can discuss the various options available to your family. By coming prepared to your initial consultation, you will maximize your opportunity to get the most information from Valerie M. Little, your divorce specialist.

Talk to someone now if you are considering a legal separation or divorce. Make an appointment with Valerie M. Little Law Corporation. Call us at or contact us online today.


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