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Advice from an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Coquitlam, BC

Marriages are not easy; and anyone who has been married for an extended period of time will attest to that.

However, there may be times when normal complexities in a marriage turn into destructive behaviours. When two people live together, it is about commitment, flexibility, communication and awareness. While it is important to be in tune with your significant other, it is also important to be at peace in the relationship itself. Most importantly, you need to be able to recognize the signs that it is time to end the marriage when certain lines of trust, respect and compatibility have been crossed.Signs It May Be Time to Consider Divorce

There are some behaviours and attitudes that make it obvious the marriage is not working. While counselling is always recommended first, if you notice any of these signs, it may be time to consider divorce instead:

  1. A clear lack of mutual respect. If you find yourself with little respect for your spouse or your spouse shows clearly that they have no respect for you, the marriage may need to end. Only a marriage built on trust, respect and appreciation can last.

  2. Your spouse has the need to control every aspect of your life. While marriage is about teamwork, it is also about bringing your own unique qualities to the table. Your partner needs to support you as well as you support them. When one spouse takes control over the other or even denies you the opportunity to explore your own interests, have a social life or leave the home, it is detrimental to your own health as well as the marriage.

  3. Playing the blame game. When something does go wrong in your marriage, someone needs to take responsibility and work towards a solution so that it does not happen again. If you and/or your spouse cannot take responsibility for your actions or you purposely blame others (job, social life, friends, family, etc.), then the marriage will not work.

  4. A selfish spouse. When your feelings and concerns are not heard or your spouse is too worried about themselves, the marriage cannot last. Any divorce lawyer in Coquitlam will tell you that a self-absorbed spouse is not the best companion and spouse.

  5. Constantly being criticized. Constant criticism, degrading comments, argumentative behaviours and mood swings results in emotional abuse and destruction. A spouse could live in fear, worry that they are not good enough and ultimately, find themselves torn with their own self-confidence and ego. A spouse does not have to be physically abusive to harm you; instances of emotional abuse could also be reasons to end the marriage.

  6. Physical abuse or violence. If your spouse has battered you in the past or even threatened violent actions against you, you need to leave immediately. Threats and violent tendencies can often turn into physical rage.

How a Divorce Lawyer in Coquitlam Can Help

A successful and happy marriage is one based on teamwork. Each spouse should feel comfortable, secure and respected. When these pillars fail, the marriage will most likely end as well. To make the process of filing for divorce easier, contact an experienced divorce lawyer. The attorney can advise you of your rights during the divorce process and help shoulder some of the burden of dividing assets, negotiating terms or even setting up child support arrangements. If you are considering a legal separation, your attorney can help you with that too.To explore your options, schedule a consultation today with Valerie M. Little Law Corporation. Give us a call at 604-526-3333. You can provide a summary of your situation using this contact form and we will contact you to schedule an office consultation shortly.

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